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Trunk coffee table

A trunk coffee table consumes only a small part of your living room and can hold up a large amount of materials without compromising on the style of your décor. A surefire eye catcher, the multipurpose low table can be used in place of cabinets to neatly hide away all your little odds and ends out of sight. Depending on the style and make of trunk you want, you can choose from a variety of aftermarket finishes and extra touches to personalize your trunk coffee table to your individual style. With finishes like leather, steamer steel, tree trunk, rattan and classic wood and metal on offer from major retailers of trunk coffee tables, you will be spoilt for choices. Or if you prefer a true antique, you can look around for one of these at flea markets, garage sales and antique shops as well.

Sundance steamer trunk coffee table

Price: $1895

With origins in a more romantic era, the Sundance steamer trunk coffee table promises ample storage with three canvas-lined drawers inside. The trunk is finished with sturdy leather handles and leather reinforced seams with a riveted oak banding offering the turn of the century steamer trunks-inspired design a touch of authenticity.

What’s unique: Built to last for generations, the Sundance steamer trunk coffee table is an investment for the true connoisseur. Though intended for a casual living room, the classic design also makes it very versatile and suited to Victorian and classic French decors.

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Rustic steamer trunk coffee table

Price: $259

To add a bit of rustic appeal into your living room, the Steamer trunk coffee table is the perfect choice. The simple yet emphatic piece can easily fit basic living room necessities like throw pillows and blankets and can also be used as a convenient storage space for toys and books.

What’s unique: The spacious Rustic steamer trunk coffee table is designed to appear like a vintage trunk with vintage details like studded metal accents and rustic styling with rich brown finish adding to its countryside appeal. For lasting beauty and use, this table has been constructed from quality wood veneer.

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Vintage mid century Danish-style steamer trunk coffee table

Price: $150

Found by its reseller in a local vintage store in Portland, Oregon, this Vintage mid century Danish-style steamer trunk coffee table was given a fresh lease of life with red mid century legs, a revamped modern and industrial design.

What’s unique: The functional piece has been given an eye-catching makeover and the piece speaks volumes for what magnificent results can be achieved by simply adding a splash of color to a vintage piece.

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Authentic models trunk coffee table

Price: £505.00

The Edwardian era-inspired finish on this classic steamer trunk coffee table allows it to compliment any living space without overpowering the décor. The contoured piece is luxurious and attractive, and the artistically hand crafted finesse really shines through via its leather handles and brass hardware.

What’s unique: If you have ever wanted to create a Titanic/early days of Coco Chanel themed living room, this is the coffee table for you.

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New Rattan coffee table trunk

Price: $589

Rattan furniture never goes out of style which is why investing in this Rattan coffee table trunk can be such a bargain. Perfect for creating both chic and relaxed living rooms, the piece is also great for those with limited square footage since it comes with lots of interior storage space.

What’s unique: Ideal for use as a coffee table, this table trunk comes with a removable tray inside that makes this piece truly dual purpose and a great space booster as well.

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Union Jack trunk coffee table by Foxbat Boutique

Price: £380

If you are an anglophile and are not afraid of wearing your heart (or your Union Jack) on your sleeves, then this coffee table is just what you need in your living room. With a Union Jack design painted on, then a cabin trunk serves as a versatile piece of furniture for any room in the house.

What’s unique: This table boasts of discreet additional storage inside and can be transformed into a stylish mini wardrobe when turned on its side. On the inside, the trunk features a hanger rail and five large drawers that come fully assembled.

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Pashmina gray trunk coffee table

Price: Not Available

Custom-painted for a client, the Pashmina gray trunk coffee table was originally a rather hideous deep black leather trunk though the good folks over at Vintage Paints have done a marvelous job refreshing it with a live Champagne gold/Pashmina gray paint.

What’s unique: The old brassy gold hardware was repainted and the leather handles were also coated with a fresh layer of black paint to create a soft but very elegant look. To coordinate with the other black details, the artesian style legs on the trunk were also painted black.

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