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TV beds make couch potatoes lazier

If you have ever lived in a house where you have struggled to find a spot for your TV in your bedroom, you definitely would fall in with the crowds that find TV beds useful. With a space for a TV built right into the foot of the bed, these beds make nigh time TV watching a much cozier affair. Even though can easily install a TV on the foot of your bed, there are some specialty bed makers out there that offer a number of these high tech beds in their catalogues. A flat screen TV is best suited to these installations though you can also get a regular big ended TV installed on these beds.

Tv bed1

Depending on your budget, you can choose to have a retractable platform for your TV or have it installed as a permanent feature along the foot that also serves as a privacy screen for the bed. Most contemporary TV Bed models come fitted with a leather header which allows the foot to be covered with a leather lining as well. This makes the bed look very chic and easy to maintain. Higher end models come with retractable TVs that can be pulled out or put away using handles and lever or even at the touch of a button if you throw in a few more bucks and are comfortable with having your bed heavily mechanized.

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Even if you don’t have a bed that was made to accommodate a TV in the footer, you can ask your local handyman to see if he can add some extra bells and whistles to the foot of your bed and convert it into one that can fit a TV along the foot. One more thing to consider when getting a TV bed is that you have to ensure that you never get a TV installed in a bed made out of conductive materials like wrought iron and steels to avoid accidental electrocution.

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