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Two-in-one solar barbecue and cooker for some fun in the sun

solar barbecue cookup 200 nomad1

solar barbecue cookup 200 nomad1

Solar barbecue COOKUP 200 nomad from Cook ID is ‘powerful, easily transportable and ready to use’. It is ideal for picnics or for even some fun in your own backyard. This product is green, not only because it is solar powered, but also due to the materials that are used in it. It cooks the dishes in the same way as cooked on gas, electricity or simple barbecue grill. You can assemble or disassemble this barbecue in 5-10 minutes and that too without any tools. It’s not only your grilling companion, but it also acts as a solar cooker when needed. So, its solar barbecue / cooker characteristics let you cook all types of dishes, like vegetable stew, meat, soup, rice, coffee, pastries and bread.

The shape of the pot allows the cooking of two dishes at the same time. This product is designed in such a way that the parabolic shape allows the concentration of solar radiation on the container. Allowing the use of all types of black containers, it is important to reorient solar barbecue COOKUP 200 every 15-30 minutes, so that you can cook your food at an optimum temperature. Complete safety is also ensured, as there is no risk of fire or explosion and you are also offered a selection of pots, pans, containers, which are suitable for solar cooking. It wears the price tag of 369,00 € including tax.

solar barbecue cookup 200 nomad2

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