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Ultra-Geeky Home: Awake Wave clock for hearing impaired!



The Product Awake Wave is a multi-tasking clock designed by Darek Jadlowski to aid individuals suffering from hearing impairment and also others who are not comfortable with the morning hollering to wake up. Designed by Darek Jadlowski, the clock aims to help hearing impaired people.

If we look around us the world is more designed to suit the needs of the perfectly abled individual with little or no considerations formulated for the physically challenged ones. For example the people suffering from hearing impairment, have we considered how they would get up each morning on their own without the shrilling noise of the alarm clock affecting them? With a humanitarian touch to their needs tech designer Darek Jadlowski has designed an alarm clock which is actually cause of no alarm in regard to its sound emittance. The clock named ‘Awake Wave’ works through light and vibrations to send across messages to the individuals. This clock is intended to enable people with hearing impairment lead a normal life by being alerted automatically for alarm, phone, door-bell, fire and so on. This product also can be used by children and adults who dislike the morning clatter and clamor to wake up.

The Awake wave comes with a LED clock designed to look like a face and a LED blanket reaching out as a friend to spread a wave of preparedness to the people around it. Its main mechanism is based on vibrations and light. The LED(light-emitting diode) changes color depending on the time of the day. The blanket lights up and vibrates to catch on the attention of the individual.

The Advantages:
This clock allows the user to get up on time and be on time throughout the day without being pushed and poked too much.
Especially helpful for children with hearing disability to keep them prepared and confidently guide them through daily activities without being nagged at and made to realize of their disability. Withe the Awake wave clock, hearing impaired people will be able to lead productive lives just like other normal people.

Via: Coroflot

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