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Ultrasonic Vegetable Cleaner: Stay healthy, eat right!

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kitchen gadget bQWQJ 1822

Eating right and healthy is the mantra to remain as fit as a fiddle. So how do you eat healthy? Wash the fruits and vegetables or boil them? What could be the solution to help you consume healthy and nutritious food? Well, the ultrasonic vegetable cleaner can do the job right!

What’s different? It’s a chemical-free cleaner that uses ultrasonic waves in water and eliminates dirt from fruits and vegetables. Its 3 3/4-gallon water reservoir can hold a dozen large potatoes or six ears of sweet corn. A simple press of the button initiates cleaning, the cavitation bubbles generated inside are so strong that these can even remove residual food from dishes. A drain hose allows you to empty water conveniently into your sink. So, cook smart, eat fresh and stay healthy!

Price and availability: The smart ultrasonic vegetable cleaner can be yours for just $499.95.

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