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Unique modern kitchens

Kitchens have become a popular activity zone in homes as you do more than just cooking here. You can entertain guests or watch over children’s homework. The market is flooded with umpteen kitchens. There are sleek kitchens done up in white or glistening metals, which look good in Swish homes. If your home has an easygoing set up, then look for a kitchen in a woody finish. Pops of colors can brighten a somber backdrop and eco friendly kitchens are also quite hot. Moreover, most modern kitchens are designed so beautifully that cooking will just not seem like a chore. Here are a few kitchens that will work well in modern homes.

ElektraVetro from Ernestomeda

Swanky steel kitchens have been all the rage lately. The steely and silvery ElektraVetro is an excellent choice for swish and upmarket homes. Clean cut lines and minimalistic settings in which everything can be closed shut makes it a perfect choice for industrial homes. Frosted glass blends smoothly with the glossy white metal giving it a glitzy look. To break the monotony of straight lines, the worktop and cabinets have subtle flowy curves. This novel concept applied to ElektraVetro has been dubbed as circularity and enables one to move around the kitchen effortlessly.

Alto from Wren kitchens

A swish kitchen doesn’t always have to be uptight – this is exactly what Alto proves with its easygoing layout. The brilliant pops of color on the white backdrop catch attention immediately. The settings are quite retro, especially the curved end units. Reds and blues are quite commonly seen in kitchens. But the use of a sunny yellow, which looks absolutely great in a cookery, is a rare sight. The bright and playful yellow will definitely prod the experimental chef in you to try out new recipes.

Oasis intelligent kitchen by Yifei Li

This new age space saving kitchen is designed keeping urban lifestyle in mind. City dwellers have a number of things to attend to, so cooking usually takes a backseat. But, the uncomplicated layout of the Oasis intelligent kitchen opines to change this as busy people can take a breather while they are cooking in here. The counter and sink have a self cleaning mechanism, the stove and wine cellar is hidden, while the open rotary heart can fit in multiple cooks. Although compact, the kitchen is fully equipped with hi-tech gizmos. The kitchen also packs in green goodness with a recycling system and area for vegetable cultivation. Moreover, the hood can be turned into a party light for the bash you throw on weekends.

Futuristic stainless steel kitchen from Bautek

If you are having a hard time persuading your teen to give you a helping hand in the kitchen, then you must have a look at this piece. The futuristic design will have them running to help you out. This kitchen is hard-wearing, hip and classy. The best part is that it will not corrode or rust easily. Another great point of this kitchen is that it is real easy to clean. All batter drippings and sauce splashes can be cleaned out in a jiffy and will not leave any stains on the piece.

Electrolux outdoor kitchen

Closed and confined spaces are on their way out with open living spaces hogging the limelight. This innovative concept has been applied to kitchens too. You can now flip pancakes al fresco on the countertop designed by Jamie Durie for Electrolux. This kitchen can be customized to fit to any space and accommodates burners, barbecue and ample of cabinet space. There is also space to grow planters and herbs in here. A graphic impression of tree branches has been embossed on its glossy exterior.

Portable kitchen for singles

This kitchen for singles living in tight spaces is designed by Dzmitry Samal. Not only can the kitchen be hauled around, you can also fold it after use. However, the hallmark of the design is the rotating mechanism that it fits in. Swivel different prep areas like fridge, heater, storage cabinets or the cutting board around to reach out to them easily.

Living kitchen by Studio Gorm

Nature has been blended cleverly with technology in this creation by John Arndt and Wohnee Jeong. There is ample space to grow plants and herbs, which are watered by the drippings from the dish rack. Dump tidbits easily into the waste bowl fitted into the countertop. Just tip the bowl to empty waste into the worm bin composter placed underneath. The energy efficient kitchen utilizes waste and water ethically.

Cook Lounge

Another great kitchenette for compact living spaces. This one fits in cooking equipment in the dining furniture layout. The three chairs and a table, in a striking orange and brown hue, can be assembled in different ways. A slide-out sideboard holds all the cooking equipment. This design by Michael Schmidt can be used in your living room or an open terrace.

Move outdoor kitchen

If you are hunting for a cookery to set up in your backyard, then you must take a look at this compact set up from Move Kitchen. Wheels have been attached for easy mobility. Just slide out boards and open ajar spaces to use the equipment packed into this mini kitchen. It has a hob unit, chopping boards, pull out countertops and electric sockets, which make cooking outdoors a piece of cake. It also has a refrigerator, drawers and storage space.

All glass kitchen from Alno

This glassy creation crafted by Alno in partnership with Bosch and SCHOTT is real easy on the eyes. The surface is made from the slick SCHOTT satin plus glass, which has tremendous depth and is very safe to work with. You will not have to put in efforts to maintain it. Moreover, the kitchen has ample of space for in-built appliances.

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