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Vurv Design’s Camille Wall Desk is sustainable and practical

The sustainable home furnishing segment may be a burgeoning one
but there still aren’t too many items in it that fit in just as well in smaller
spaces. The good news for eco-decorators looking to spruce up smaller homes is
that a number of designers are now beginning to come up with multifunctional furniture
that are made using sustainable materials and are also designed to help save
space as well.

One such product is the Camille Wall Desk that is the
brainchild of Canadian architect Glenn Ross who also happens to be the founder
of Vurv Design. Ross claims that the wall desk is actually an interpretation of
what she dubs ‘kinetic furniture’.

The concept behind the desk is very simple as well- it is
created to store and hide all those little tid bits that we all have laying around
the house that can never be stored inside closets or in larger draws for want
of easy accessibility.

The desk is designed for homes that are densely decorated or
homes that simply do not have enough space to house dedicated storage units.

The utility and design of the wall desk is a direct result
of Ross’ love of wall mounted pieces that are built in and have multiple
purposes. The designer categorizes this piece under “interior architecture” and
its ability to reconfigure a space by being moved around very simply is a
testament to that label as well.

The lightweight desk is created to have a lot of impact in a
minimal space though its wooden construction and veneer finish that makes it
easy to clean and maintain.

Beautifully minimalistic, the repurposed desk was fashioned out
of an earlier rendition of the desk which may not be too eco-friendly but it isn’t
on the wasteful spectrum of interior design either.

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