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Wall mounted flat panel for your TV

wall mounted flat panel for your tv

wall mounted flat panel for your tv

If you are not able to locate a suitable and safe place to rest your LCD TV then why not mount it over the wall. But before you hesitate to accept this suggestion for power and signal hassles, we offer you the ‘OmniMount’ wall mounted flat panel, part of the SB1 ShadowBox series. This wall mounted panel offers cutting-edge design that allows you to escalate your flat panel neatly into the wall, power management solutions by market leaders (Panamax and Furman), integrated sheet-metal flange, paint to match any wall and two single-gang J-Box slots to bring in power and signal separately. This handy and sturdy panel will not only look attractive and ease you off your TV safety but also provide you with comfy viewing.

Via: Omnimount

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