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Weird Tub: Dutch Tub takes you outdoors, and how?!

dutchtub large UQgOV 3858

dutchtub large UQgOV 3858

Designer: Floris Schoonderbeek.

Features: Get close to the nature is the message that Dutch Tub delivers. Bathing outdoors may not be on top of your thing’s-to-do-list but it ought to be. This outdoor tub is ancient in its approach. Whether it is the notion of bathing outdoors or the fact that it is made of wood and uses the same to heat water, everything about the Dutch Tub is basic. The working is quite simple – install the tub at your favorite outdoor location (preferably away from all the peeping Toms), fill it with water and then start up a fire on the attached basket to heat the water. The water will automatically start making rounds through the spiral and heat up; a process that takes 2.5 hours to complete for 700 liters of cold water.

What’s Working: The unconventionality and simplicity of it all! Also, if you don’t castigate me for being un-green then I’d profess my love for the good old fire mechanism. It ain’t speedy but then bathing outdoors is certainly not for those in a hurry.

Pricing and Availability: Dutch Tub is available in a wide range of colors on dutchtub. Also check out for the accessories and consequent pricing details.

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