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World’s strangest homes

While a lot of us live in conventional homes, there are a few souls who dare to live on the edge with their quirky abodes. Guaranteed to make passersby do a double take, they’re downright weird but with a fun element as well. Check out some of these strangest homes we’ve compiled for your reading.

Portugal’s Stone House

Nestled in Portugal’s Fafe Mountains is a home designed to make heads turn. Built out of stone and concrete mix, the Stone House is a popular tourist attraction. Believed to be built based on The Flintstones cartoon series, the house has a shingled roof, windows and a front door.

The Shoe House

Remember the nursery rhyme about the woman who lived in a shoe? Well, the rhyme came to reality with the Shoe House built by ‘Colonel’ Mahlon N. Haines back in 1948. This weird structure houses three bedrooms, kitchen, living room and two bathrooms, and is also a popular tourist attraction.

Device to Root Out Evil at Vancouver, Canada

Titled Device to Root Out Evil at Vancouver, this peculiar structure is part of artist Dennis Oppenheim’s interpretation of the conversation between sculpture and architecture. The building can be seen at Harbour Green Park in Vancouver, Canada.

Mushroom House

This Cincinnati landmark is one of architect Terry Brown’s most well-known structures. He used it as his secondary residence until he passed away in 2008. Quirky and very fanciful, it looks like something straight out of a story book.


zeroHouse is a fully functional prefabricated home that can be shipped and set up almost anywhere. It comes with Eco-friendly facilities like solar panels for power generation, a digester unit which processes organic waste and sensors that monitor the house’s various functions.

Leaf House in Brazil

Inspired by nature, Brazil’s Leaf House is a stunning reminder of man’s architectural capabilities. The beach house has a roof designed in a hexagonal leaf pattern to ward off the hot and humid weather. Laminated reforestation eucalyptus wood has been used for the roof.

Nautilus House

Looking exactly like a nautilus, the Nautilus House of Mexico City is a tribute to underwater life. Currently occupied by the architect couple and their two children, the house features stained glass, an interior grass carpet and lovely blue tiles. Incidentally, the house is earthquake-proof.

Steel House

Sometimes called The Metal Mansion, architect Robert Bruno’s Steel House may not win the most beautiful structure award but it deserves mention. Built in 1974, the exterior of the house is constructed completely out of metal sheeting.

Spirit Spheres

Spirit Spheres are suspended balls of accommodation situated in the rainforests of Vancouver Island. Each sphere is handcrafted and suspended on a web of ropes. If you’re interested in spending a night in one of these spheres, they’re available for rent.

Bubble Castle

Located in France’s Theoule region, the Bubble Castle is a whimsical piece of architecture. The layout houses three apartments, a safe house, a workshop, three studio apartments and an amphitheater that can accommodate up to 500 people.

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