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World’s first colored O’table cooktop by Samsung lets you cook anywhere

O'table cooktop

Manufacturer: Samsung

Cooking hob is the stove for the new generation, which not only gives an enhanced cooking experience, but also is energy efficient. This device helps in safe and hygienic cooking. Food retains its nutrition value even after cooking. There are many types of cooking hub present in the market, offering a variety of beautiful designs and technologies. Samusung, the electronic giant too has jumped in this field and launched a new cooking hob, ‘O’table’. It incorporates an array of features and technologies that make it ultramodern in style and technology as well.

What’s unique

O’table is a sleek, rounded shape cooking hob, which is the world’s first color portable induction hob, available in many colors. It is provided with an intuitive user interface that features an iPod like groove touch wheel. This allows you to change the power levels just by running your finger on the hob, as you do with an iPod. This comes equipped with fifteen power levels to give the freedom to choose the right one according to cooking requirement. Its portability makes you to cook your meal regardless of where you are.

High points

O’table offers a variety of user friendly features. To increase the safety points it comes with a child safety lock. Its sleek design gives a better grip. This induction hub also includes pan detection technology to add to its energy efficient credentials. A safety system with anti overflow function renders you a safe and neat cooking experience. Apart from these, a safety shut off feature, boost function, residual heat indication, auto water boiling and ‘Keep warm’ function are also in its list of features, which makes it a unique, desirable and must have kitchen appliance. It is available in mint green, stylish black, capri blue, ruby red and cream white.

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