Wow sofa turns into bed with just push of the button

wow sofa

Transformable home furniture is on demand these days; in-fact their demand is increasing day by day. Dwelling in small apartments asks you to make smart choice because bulky home furniture that’s not single person’s cup of tea to move is simply not the smart idea. Check out the cool WOW sofa from Campeggi! It’s transformable furniture that doesn’t ask for extra efforts to change from sofa to bed and vice-versa. Simple push of a button lets you transform the sofa into bed. The arms fold down and become night stands. The easy to transform cool sofa cum bed is worth checking out.

wow sofa 01
wow sofa 02
wow sofa 03
wow sofa 04
wow sofa 05
wow sofa 06
wow sofa 07

Via: Pulsememe