X6 Trio FrancisFrancis! Doses Espresso Machine

x6 trio francisfrancis doses espresso machine 2263

Beautiful disposition is not the only fact that makes this espresso machine stand out among it’s contemporaries, the real reason that seperates the X6 Trio FrancisFrancis! Doses Espresso Machine from any ordinary espresso machine is it’s wonderful and easy-to-operate mechanism that allows you to select the espresso you want. Just a slight rotation of the filter holder brews your espresso as per your liking and gives you long, normal or ristretto espresso in an instant. The heart of the X6 Trio is the electronic card, which controls all the functions and ensures optimum performance. Made of sturdy stainless steel and plastic, the machine looks cool enough to be placed on a pedestal when not in use. Available in black, red or white. The compact espresso mahine carries a price tag of £215.19.