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yang sofa

Yang Sofa: A blend of creativity and comfort

yang sofa
Yang Sofa, is a beginning of a new era in creativity along with comfort. A sofa where you can play, sit and chat and relax as well. It is so beautifully designed that you would like to keep it in the center of the room. This unique and excellent idea is of Designer Francois Bauchet, who has designed it keeping in mind all the possibilities in which you would like to rest in full comfort. All the four parts of the sofa can be separated or grouped together according to your wish. Either the parts are together or apart, there is no question of discomfort.yang sofa detachable

You can detach it and arrange according to your requirement of the moment. Suppose you are with friends and want to sit closely and gossip, you can attach all the four of them and can enjoy the togetherness. Then if you are with some formal guests, you can put all of them separately and each of the guests can sit according to his comfort, as to whether they prefer left arm or right arm, to relax on. It has both the options depending upon the person or the situation. The colour of Yang Sofa is such that it will go comfortably with any of your wall colour. It is space saving also and can be kept in any part of your room and it will look stylish with this Yang Sofa in it. The cuts on the side will help you to sit in any posture you like.

Initially we were used to having and seeing sofas that took lot of place and were too heavy and very difficult to take from one place to another. If anyone wanted to change the interior he had to call for manpower to shift it. All these hassles are now outdated after seeing this.

Via: Freshome

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