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Zen: Stylish and multi-functional induction cooker

induction cooker

induction cooker

If like me, you also get inspired to churn out great dishes when the cooking medium or the vessels are equally superior in functionality and design, then you will definitely love to own the Zen Induction Cooker.

Created by industrial designer Adilah Binte Abdul Hamid, this stylish yet efficient induction cooker is multi-functional as the cooker-top also serves as a grill and a tray, that can be cleaned very easily.

Its top can be easily dismantled to serve hot beverages or for heating up food, while its grill option will let you cook in a healthier way. Its stylish shape and attractive color add to its style quotient.

An induction cooker uses induction heating for cooking, where the heat is generated directly in the pot or pan (cooking vessel) as opposed to being generated in the stove-top by electrical coils or burning gas.

Since the Zen Cooker combines the functions of an induction cooker of being faster and more energy-efficient than a traditional electric hob, it would prove to be a great buy.

Via: Coroflot

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