Zevro Magnetic Spice Stand – Say good-bye to gravity!

magnetic spice stand KwKoB 5965

The Zevro MSRS600 Magnetic Spice Stand is a breakthrough in designing concepts! It saves space, looks awesome and seems to be a gift from Mars; its zero gravity design makes you feel so! The magnetic spice holder has a metallic stand, so you can just let the spice canisters ‘hang in there’! It is the most space efficient spice stand ever. Now, if you’re wondering if the spices will spill when they’re on the stand, fret not. The pour-control system adjusts between closed, sprinkle, and pour. Each canister has a viewing window so you can see the spices and tell when it’s time to refill. It holds approximately 1.5 ounces of spices within the dimensions of 3.19W x 7.19D x 9.38H (inches).

Via: ComfortHouse