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GE’s Kitchen of the Future…Simply Cool


CES has indeed been a great platform for launching new products. One of the events here at Orlando was the cool demo of GE‘s “kitchen of the future”. This kitchen is simply heaven…and wives are gonna love it. Even men cannot resist the temptation to work here, ‘coz with this kitchen they don’t have to work at all. Need Breakfast?…Just ask “what’s for breakfast?” and you’ll hear your kitchen talking. Yes, it will give you list of foods available and menu possibilities. Just choose, and you’re ready to start the trouble-free cooking (I know cooking cannot be trouble-free, but still this much you have to manage). What more? Ok you won’t even have to worry about that messy and dirty cook top, for it will clean it self.

The basic vision behind the kitchen is an interconnected set of products with interactive controls. All the products correspond with each other and harmonize the effort using predictive computing. Another feature of GE ‘Kitchen of the Future’ is that is the prominence given to eco-friendly products aimed to reduce pollution and increase efficiency with a low operating cost.

The concept looks fantabulous…and I hope a minute wiring fault might not create blunders and the kitchen ends up shouting with no work done!!…So let’s wait and watch the future of the Kitchen of the Future. I’ve already crossed my fingers.

Via : Engadget

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